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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Social Software Survey

I have been talking on and off with Christian Gray after almost meeting him in person at KMWorld and SLA conferences. He and his colleague Mike Reid have started an Enterprise 2.0 Social Software Research initiative and are fans of my book, Net Work.

You can access a survey that they are launching just now from their invitation page. Enterprise decision makers are the primary audience for this -- they are looking to understand what particular technologies and products are being adopted, but many of the questions are applicable to organizations and networks of all types. Please forward this note, or a link to the invitation page, to your colleagues!

(You'll see the cover of Net Work displayed there, as they are offering free copies of the book to six lucky participants!)

Christian and Mike are partnering with InfoToday (who manages KMWorld) and with SLA (Special Libraries Association), which may attract a slightly different audience from the AIIM survey I previously asked people to take. The AIIM results, btw, are in; some pretty interesting stuff that Carol Frappalo will present on March 27th in a Webinar.

Please take the survey and encourage others to do so. You might get a copy of my book!

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