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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Year of Personal Net Work

Chris Brogan writes about his strategy for deepening his personal networks. He starts off his list of tips with this one:
"Devote two hours a week to this effort. If, out of the 60 hours an average person works, you canít find two for this, reconsider how youíre running your day.
This is not the only new year's resolution I've seen along this line. As we become more and more connected through social media, the more we are aware of what those connections mean.

My new year's resolution? I'm resolving to share more of my thinking, especially about personal networks. Here's a slide show from this past October I hope you will enjoy.

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That's a terrific set of slides Patti - thanks for sharing them! I thought that the Chris Brogan post was striking too, for similar reasons. So I ended up making a similar resolution - I hope we're all successful at executing!
Patti, We just had a great chat on #KMers about Personal Knowledge Management moderated by Mary Abraham:

Would love to have you moderate a chat on Personal Networks. Let me know of you are interested. Hopefully, fits in with your New Years resolution. :)

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